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Monica Hollow, a New England born Witch and licensed tattoo artist since 2015. She has been practicing tarot for 15 years. Also, Certified hypnotherapist, Life Coach, Reiki healer, and wellness practitioner since 2014. Professionally trained as well as self taught and naturally intuitive psychic medium. Owner of Hollow Moon Tattoos & Sorcery in North Kingstown, RI. Creator of the Spirit Tattoo Ritual, she has the background and training to ensure a safe space for magickal healing.

Services Provided

Tarot Designs

October special. Click below to request a custom Tarot inspired tattoo.

Custom Tattoos

Privately owned studio by appointment only, no walk-ins.

Morose, morbid, botanical artwork is my specialty.

To book a tattoo appointment (in North Kingstown, RI), click the link below:

Spirit Tattoo

A once in a lifetime experience to consult with the Spirit world and create your own unique, magickally charged tattoo.

To book a spirit tattoo, click the link below:

Remote Readings

For clients around the world, my readings are available. 

To purchase a remote tarot or medium reading click the order button below. Readings may be sold out and will be listed again when available.

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Tattoo Aftercare Instructions

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“I’m still speechless, the power and passion in this tattoo is immaculate, and to receive it as well as a tarot reading that helped clear up so much + bring so much understanding and clarity. Monica, you have brought me so much happiness and strength through this piece, I am so grateful to have discovered your beautiful soul. Deadass crying while I’m writing this. Thank you is simply not enough to express my sheer gratitude. I am fucking fearless.”
Spirit Tattoo client
This spirit tattoo session was one of the coolest and most unique experiences I’ve ever had. From the readings to the tattoo, Monica was amazing! I’m absolutely in love with my tattoo not only because it’s stunning, but because my late grandmother came through to help make it. It was such an empowering and beautiful experience. Monica is so talented and I am definitely planning on going back to her for more tattoos.
Spirit Tattoo Client
I really couldn’t be happier with my entire spirit tattoo experience!….Monica is seriously talented and I’ll be back for another tattoo! Gabriella- Spirit tattoo client
SpiritTattoo client