Spirit Tattoo



Monica Hollow has created the magical ritual of Spirit Tattoos. She has been offering this energetically healing session for the past 4 years and since then, it has evolved into a highly insightful, empowering experience. A Spirit Tattoo Ritual begins with casting a sacred circle, energy clearing, then inviting our guides and helpful spirits into the space. We begin a 10+ card tarot and psychic medium reading. Often times spirits, loved ones and messages come through during these readings, while Monica channels a personal, symbolic tattoo based on the guidance of your reading. It’s all completed in one session and can take anywhere from 2-5 hours, depending on how in depth the reading goes and how detailed the channeled design turns out. Take a look at some previous Spirit Tattoos on our social media and be aware this is not drawn ahead of time, so it is important to remain open to the symbolic imagery which flows through from Spirit. All Spirit Tattoo readings will be done remotely, with your tattoo being scheduled right after your reading. If you’re unable to travel for your tattoo, you may still get your reading and a complete tattoo design to take to your local artist.


“I’m still speechless, the power and passion in this tattoo is immaculate, and to receive it as well as a tarot reading that helped clear up so much + bring so much understanding and clarity. Monica, you have brought me so much happiness and strength through this piece, I am so grateful to have discovered your beautiful soul. Deadass crying while I’m writing this. Thank you is simply not enough to express my sheer gratitude. I am fucking fearless.”
Spirit Tattoo client