Tattoo Aftercare Instructions

Tattoo Aftercare 

Congratulations on your new tattoo! Proper aftercare is crucial to ensure your tattoo heals beautifully and maintains its vibrancy. Follow these guidelines to take care of your new ink:

**Day 1 – 3: Cleaning and Protection**

1. **Clean Your Tattoo**: Gently wash your tattoo with lukewarm water and a small amount of Dr. Bronner’s unscented liquid soap. Use your clean hands and avoid scrubbing with a cloth or sponge.

2. **Pat Dry**: After cleaning, gently pat your tattoo dry with a clean paper towel or soft cloth. Do not rub or use a regular towel, as it can irritate the tattoo.

3. **Apply a Thin Layer of Hustle Butter Tattoo Ointment**: Once your tattoo is clean and dry, apply a thin layer of Hustle Butter Tattoo Ointment. This product will help soothe your skin, reduce redness, and promote healing. If you purchased Dragons blood balm in the studio, use that instead. Pay attention to the ingredients if you have any food allergies. Both of these aftercare balms are vegan and all natural.

4. **Cover with a Saniderm Tattoo Bandage**: If you have decided to apply your own Saniderm, second skin, or other tattoo bandage follow these instructions. If your artist applied Saniderm directly after your tattoo, you must remove this wrap 24 hours later. Jump to saniderm removal instructions below.

Follow these steps for proper application:
– Ensure your tattoo is clean and dry.
– Cut the Saniderm bandage to size, leaving an extra inch or so around the tattoo.
– Peel the backing off the bandage and apply it gently over your tattoo, smoothing out any air bubbles.
– Remove the top protective layer from the Saniderm bandage to reveal the adhesive.
– Press down on the bandage to ensure it adheres to your skin.

**Day 4 – 14: Moisturize and Protect**

1. **Continue with Dr. Bronner’s and Hustle Butter**: Wash your tattoo gently with Dr. Bronner’s soap twice a day and apply a thin layer of Hustle Butter Tattoo Ointment after each washing.

2. **Avoid Scratching or Picking**: Do not scratch or pick at your tattoo, even if it becomes itchy. This can damage the healing skin and affect the tattoo’s appearance.

3. **Wear Loose Clothing**: Opt for loose-fitting clothing to prevent friction on your tattooed area. Avoid tight or rough fabrics that may irritate your skin.

4. **Stay Out of Direct Sunlight**: Protect your tattoo from direct sunlight during the healing process. If exposed, use a sunblock with high SPF to prevent fading.

**Saniderm Removal:**

When it’s time to remove the Saniderm Tattoo Bandage (24 hours for the first bandage, and  3-5 days for the second bandage, as recommended by your artist), follow these steps:

1. **Wash Your Hands**: Always start with clean hands.

2. **Gently Peel the Saniderm**: Carefully grab an edge of the Saniderm bandage and slowly peel it back in the direction of hair growth. Avoid pulling it off quickly.

3. **Wash Your Tattoo**: After removing the Saniderm, wash your tattoo gently with lukewarm water and a small amount of Dr. Bronner’s unscented liquid soap. Pat dry with a clean paper towel or soft cloth.

4. **Continue with Aftercare**: Once the Saniderm is removed, continue with the aftercare routine, applying a thin layer of Hustle Butter Tattoo Ointment and following the earlier instructions.

Remember that everyone’s skin heals differently, and it’s essential to follow these aftercare instructions to ensure the best outcome for your tattoo. Your tattoo artist may provide specific recommendations, so always follow their advice.

Enjoy your new tattoo, and bright blessings!